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Do good business by getting access to consultant assignments and other business opportunities within the field of sustainability. Matching is for both professionals and companies.


We match certified consultant with assignments

Are you a certified Business4SDGs Change Leader?
Then you have the opportunity to get matched to one of our assignments within sustainability.

We make the process of finding assignments smooth and easy. We help you with the administration and give you advice that takes your sustainability career to the next level.

We charge a fixed finder fee (10 000 SEK excl VAT) regardless of the length of the assignment

Send us an email if you want to be matched.


We match your needs with the right competence

Do you need help with sustainability strategy or driving projects or transformations within your organization? Do you want to make sure you get the best-qualified competence for your needs? Then you are in safe hands.

Because we specialize in quickly finding the right qualified competence for each assignment – it can be individuals, teams, or even technical solutions.

Send us an email if you want to find  a match.

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